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Children of Fire UK Visit 2002

Dorah Mokoena visited the UK with Bronwen Jones in February 2002. Below are a photographs of some of the people she met.

At Millfields Primary School in Wivenhoe, Essex, trustee Bronwen Jones was happy to receive a cheque for more than 300 pounds, collected for Children of Fire International by the pupils from entrance fees to plays that they had produced. The children were given a large wooden African mask and some dried African fruits like the seed pod from a baobab tree and even one fruit that had been all the way through an elephant and out the other side. They gave Dorah a Millfields School sweatshirt.
At Colchester Royal Grammar School, Bronwen was told that she had ten minutes to address one year of boys, so she explained the South African concept of hijacking... and then said that ten minutes was far too short a time and that she would have to hijack the first lesson. The pupils showed great interest in learning about Africa, squatter camps, burns and solutions to fire and burn dangers. The charity gave the school a large wire car - handmade by boys in squatter camps who have no shop-bought toys, and a poster of a Zulu wedding.
Dorah and Bronwen visit Colchester Fire Brigade

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