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Rapid Prototyping

There are very few people in South Africa who can make rapid prototypes.
There are useful in two aspects of Children of Fire's work.
One is in making safety devices e.g. safety candle holders where a design must be made and tested before any thought of mass production.

The other more frequent use is for once-off medical devices.
This technology can be used for anything from making individual spinal vertebrae or a prosthetic nose or a prosthetic ear.
Those false ears or noses can be stuck on each day with adhesive or can be screwed onto the body, depending on the extent of bone damage in the original injury.

With an ear, rapid prototyping is particularly useful, because one can make a slice-by-slice radiology scan in microns of an existing ear and then mirror-image it in a computer to make a perfect mould for a replica ear on the other side of the head.
Frequently one ear is lost on a person due to flame burns - or indeed due to dog mauling, car accident or birth defect.
The Central University of Technology (CUT) in South Africa's Free State can "grow" a variety of materials for rapid prototypes.
Twelve data sheets in this section show the range of machines and materials from aluminium to different sorts of plastics, that can be used.
For details on the CUT please contact: Gerrie Booysen, Operational Manager Central University of Technology, Free State, directly on:
Tel: + 27 51 507 3526
Fax: + 27 51 507 3589
Cell: + 27 83 554 9053
Email: gbooysen@cut.ac.za or ludrickj@iburst.co.za or lbarnard@cut.ac.za Website: www.cut.ac.za/crpm

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Download PDF Spec_Sheet-Accura_si_50_material1.pdf

Download PDF Somos9110.pdf

Download PDF sla_viper_machine.pdf

Download PDF PrimeCast_101_Material_data_sheet_04-07_en.pdf

Download PDF MaterialData_PA_2200_en.pdf

Download PDF M250xt_MaterialData_M_en.pdf

Download PDF EOS_Steel.pdf

Download PDF EOS_Sand.pdf

Download PDF EOS_Plastiek.pdf

Download PDF Amethyst.pdf

Download PDF Alumide_Material_data_sheet_en.pdf

Download PDF Ti64_M270_Material_data_sheet_05-07_en.pdf

Download Update Prototyping Machines

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